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How To Play Craps

The rules are the first step in learning how to play craps. This game has been popular for many, many years, but recently people have been turning away from the table because of the apparent complexity of the game. There are so many other games to pick from, ones that are straightforward and easy to grasp. Craps, however, is not as complicated as it seems; it just takes some time to remember the rules, which areas to bet on and which to avoid, and suddenly you know how to play craps. So why not give it a shot?

The craps rules outlined here are employed at practically all the casinos that offer this game. You might find slight variations in some of the rules, but that is merely to customize the game a bit further and tailor it more to what the casino wants to offer to their players. Some craps rules, for instance, are tweaked a bit to give the player better odds or in some cases, worse chances of winning. This is most often reflected in altered payout odds.

Setting Rules


  1. Two dice numbered from one to six must be used. The value of opposite sides must total seven
  2. Table with proper layout on which to place bets.
  3. A wall must be present against which the dice can be thrown.


  1. Any number of players may participate.
  2. The player throwing the dice is the shooter. A decision can be made by the other players at the table as to who the first shooter is to be.
  3. The dice are passed in a clockwise manner around the table.
  4. A player can join the game at any point, given that there is sufficient space at the table. If nobody at the table objects, the new player becomes the shooter at his proper turn. Anybody can choose to pass when it's their turn to be the shooter.
  5. A player can leave the game at any point.

Play Rules

Throwing the Dice

  1. When throwing the dice, the player must ensure that both of them hit the end wall with a reasonable amount of force.
  2. If none of the dice hit the board or should they fall off the playing surface, the roll is a 'no-dice' and the shooter must throw again.
  3. If only one of the dice hits the board, the roll may still count depending on the particular table. In some cases, the shooter loses his or her privileges and the dice are passed to the next person on the following turn. If the shooter throws and only one die hits the board for the second time, the person might lose the privilege to roll again for the duration of the game. This is unlikely though, and the dealers will give you plenty of warning if you're not throwing the dice hard enough.
  4. If after hitting the board the dice land on an angle (on each other, on a coin, etc), a decision must be reached among the players. If the players cannot agree on a number, a neutral player or a bystander decides which number counts.

The Roll of the Game

  1. Bets are placed on the table before rolling the dice.
  2. The dice are rolled and the two sides facing upwards added together make up the number.
  3. The first roll of each round is a called the 'come out' roll. 2, 3, or 12 on the come out roll represents a loss for pass line bets and the end of the session. 7 or 11 on the come out roll is a win for the pass line bets and the end of a session. Anything else becomes the point number.
  4. The shooter continues to throw the dice until either the point is made (the point number is rolled) or the player sevens out (a seven is rolled before the point).
  5. When the shooter sevens out, the session ends and the dice are passed to the player to the left.
  6. Throwing the dice in only allowable if it is your turn; however, if you do not want to be the shooter, or do not want to continue throwing the dice, you can pass the dice along to the next person before the next round. Ensure the dealers are well aware of your decision, in fact, let them move the dice to the next player.

Now that you are familiar with how to play craps, including the craps rules, take a look at the types of bets that you can make. Your main goal when playing craps is to win as much as you can, knowing what you can get out of each individual bet becomes a very important factor. Continue with the betting rules section.

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